Team Service Announcement: The Crusader's Crossbow

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Arcane Arts (1451980978)
YEEESSSS! YOU MADE ANOTHER ONE! I've always been a huge fan of these and
they really helped me get into TF2. I can't thank you enough for the
invaluable information your Team Service Announcements gave me before i
even began playing TF2 almost 3 years ago!

Eve Gyomrey (1451968759)
You gotta make vids about the engineer getting nerfed ): or the...damn
lol that ending hes like o no i has 1 choice sandvich nom and just dies lol
Mad Token (1451962060)
a quick switch to the crossbow can be great in a pinch as it heals faster
then the medigun as long as you switch right back
JKPwnage (1451950945)
TL;DR: Don't use it unless you're in Medieval Mode
The Aetherpunk (1451948515)
Really? I use it for damage most of the time. If someone is too far to heal
I hit them, but I don't use it to charge. It's too damn slow. If an enemy
is too close I just beat them to death with an Ubersaw. Much faster that
way, too.
WAtheAnum (1451908448)
i wonder how much the taunt from the Amputator heals. i mean i use it coz
as Blutsauger/ Amputator combo but i really never used its taunt for
healing. So how much is it *able* to heal?
Dutchsnake5 (1451903313)
And the winner is.... NESS!
Scott Hudson (1451887877)
thank you, please more
MrStrikecentral (1451874873)
I've been waiting for so long to see more of these come out! These are
achthenuts (1451873708)
The contract that force to use this weapon in the nutshell.
MahoganyTooth92 (1451871748)
I'd like to propose that the crusader's crossbow can still be a better
choice than the medigun at close range in certain circumstances. In
general, the video is correct about usage, but remember that there are
situations where you'd be better suited for the instant healing of the
crossbow. For example, if you need to quickly burst-heal someone so they
can power through flames and take down a pyro or survive a rocket from a
soldier so that they could escape the fight, when the medigun would not
heal quickly or effectively enough to save their lives.

This does still carry the risk of missing, but if you try to use your
medigun in those situations you'd probably both die anyway.
scrombat (1451852461)
I liked it
TEH PANCAKES (1451852243)
I actually had a med when I used to play comp. who used the crossbow and
was pretty amazing at it. He used to airshot me in fights when I played
Jampolo (1451849830)
This happens a lot more than I'd like to believe
Anthony Vang (1451845264)
How my shots are with the crossbow
Jeffrey Zhang (1451844039)
*Let's go practice medicine.*
So true so funny, it hurts.
Keita S (1451841268)
The problem is that the crusaders is supposed to be spammed from a mile
away. If that medic was at least 50 yards away from that hoovy...
Bloodcam (1451840023)

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