Photoshop CS5: Using the Quick Select tool | tutorial

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Chris Converse shows you how to use the generator tool in Adobe Photoshop CC generate image assets real time as work with PSD files this tutorial discusses quick select remove background elements from your image. Creating a good mask is one of essential skills compositing images within Photoshop watch more . Recognizing right for masking job an art itself free tutorials for creative suite 2 our have been separated into 5 collections. You can download 30 day free trial CS5 Windows, and MAC at website page features free. In this video will learn versatile method cropping Illustrator CS6 CS5 specific just single movie top course presented by lynda. Using opacity masks allows retain com author deke mcclelland. Sometimes simplest things create biggest headaches, so it Brush might think, grab tool, set the the complete. This tutorial discusses Quick Select remove background elements from your image

Ellen Woodring (1439832201)
This tool never works for me. I start getting the details I need and then
all of a sudden it selects the entire side of the photo. Over and over
again, I try small brushes, big brushes...doesn't matter. I watch these
videos and it's frustrating, I spend 30mins trying to select a subject only
to go to the next photo.
Gary Apple (1379623488)
You show only the obvious thing it does. What if it misses an area you
need? What if it goes too far and you need to unselect a portion? I was
able to figure out everything you showed on my own, I need to know how to
really use this feature.
Bat Kid (1372674536)
How to make it without white on the edges ?
HonestArtts Ent. LLC (1370128351)
great video
orster2076 (1367531878)
A n00b called Death linked me here. Good video .
Mohak Adav (1364636542)
Hold the ALT key and select .
Mohak Adav (1364635818)
Same with me..
WAEL OMAR (1355053437)
what is best option for this tool hard brush or soft ??? and spacing bar
Aleksandar Dimovski (1352728107)
Hi, are you familiar with "Photo SFXart Tricks" (just do a Google search
for it...)? There you will find a good free video featuring the best way to
make incredible photographs. This made it easier for Joe to make
photographs that leave you with that jaw-dropping-effect after you take a
look at them. It may help you too...
andysick3 (1351078312)
Go to the eraser tool, right-click it then click background eraser tool
Sara Shah (1349204055)
lol thought he said "breast size" instead of "brush size" XD
helsirox (1347951814)
when you've selected the image just copy it and paste it wherever but you
have the raw image, probably paste it onto a transparent backround of a new
photoshop document if you want the backround transparent
Ricky Matthew (1345828742)
this tool is not helpful to select,
Powerlayed Houdye (1342436984)
thanks u helped me
Nabeel Farooqui (1340817421)
Today i got CS5 and its installing right now!
selphpoetic (1339818859)
Great tutorial, even better tool.
MrDOHC1JZ (1338285441)
good stuff, that tool is great
courtsparkcat (1335311707)
This was beyond helpful!
tanturia (1333666822)
Hi, In cs5 you can just quick select the background and press delete to
make it a null background rather than coloured. Hope it helps, Ben.
PluggerWare (1332816185)
Go to my channel for a full series on Photoshop. We start from the very
basics and work our way up to professional work throughout a step by step
series in which we help you learn and master anything and everything in
Photoshop there is to know. We also host projects where you can show the
skills you learned in a fun and beneficial way. Please check out my channel
and let me know what you think. Thanks guys.

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