Gimp/Photoshop-Cut out an image with free select tool/lasso tool (of furry cute kitten)

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Welcome to The GIMP for Second Life presents the Magic Scissors tool magic tutorial on how make a cut out of an image with lasso tool/ free select in this i show you not just a. It is also called intelligent scissors too magic tutorial on how make a cut out of an image with lasso tool/ free select In this I show you not just a

can you just mark and delete the animal image from the photo?
i want to cut out animals and remove them out of all photos
Baldrok (1445692090)
Baldrok (1445109765)
Thank you, I learned more from this one video, than I have in the last
three days of research!
You're so smart!
Georgi Georgiev (1440351001)
Thank you very much.
GOD bless you.
kingkittymf (1439366840)
this helped me finish my twitter banner, thank you!
SuperHoopers (1438881705)
It deleted my selection not the background.
Ravmyster1121 (1438754987)
This was very helpful, thanks :D
Rick Savage (1435683133)
That's Beautiful Nice Work Thanks For Uploading This
happycarmenable (1429531264)
Thank you.
XSugarLyrics (1427917465)
I Wonder what recording software she uses
Karan Baliga (1427545342)
Best tutorial
Alyssa Melita (1427021992)
done this before and it always work, but when I tried it again and click
delete, nothing happens :( What should I do
BeyondFlawless (1422990864)
Are you Dutch?
XxtrollsniperXx (1422153351)
it just deleted everything :/
אני מתחיל באינטרנט ואני מבקש הכונה למי שמבין יש לי כמה תמונות שעשיתי בלי
לדעת מי רואה ואני רוצה 1+2 תמונות במקום שיתאים לי ולאתר הרצוי אך להריד
ולשים היכן שאחליט
dimdaman (1421779158)
My toolbar keeps disappearing in Gimp2, how do I make it come back?
Bjarne Jürgens (1418237206)
Which gimp theme is that? Or why is the programme black?
endgame009 (1418100123)
thank you

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