GIMP - Scissors Select Tool (Magnetic lasso Photoshop) - How to make a cut out/render

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Gimp Video Tutorial Adapted from Photoshop by tutorial9 Energize Your Graphics with Abstract Energy Lines Make sure you check out our other 100 link next where use out: . GIMP tutorial on how to make a cut of an image the lasso tool/ free select tool ll be showing to. In this I show not just a link next where use out:

Karambit Kyle (1448909404)
is there no undo thing when using scissors or what
Harren Ven (1448335728)
How to Install a PhotoShop?
Hentai AniMEGA (1440209724)
sana may apk
TTHBLOX / BIONICLE (1439819750)
joshdadmusic (1439258713)
paintlover MyBrushes (1437628048)
I recommend Super PhotoCut which is best in removing photo background.
Walter White (1437168113)
Thank you so much!
ThisIsEcho (1434215135)
100× thanks <3
MrShelterman (1430960405)
Wtf that did not even work on my program
Ender Splurfz (1430760020)
I love the tutorials, very helpful. But can you PLEASE work on not saying
"and" every two seconds! - Monocle Gamer 2015
Santino Rademaker (1426712923)
Stomme hollander ga engels leren ofzo
elireloaded (1426526234)
"president" ...yeah right.
Strategiusz (1424280958)
thumb down for evil creepy obama
Kiwi Farmer (1423393106)
Thank you
im the B-0ss (1421859935)
kom op man!! je moet eerst leren beter nederlands praten. je hoor meteen je
nederlands accent
J Monk Disciple (1421539143)
this was helpful. thank you for this tutorial.
CrystalJupiter (1418544353)
It keeps creating another layer and moving that one.

What am I doing wrong?
laligne (1416516173)
ᅚᅚᅚᅚ (1416322382)
how i can move my selected file with Scissors ? i cant move it 
psycho sourcas (1380866299)
My background turned white, how do i delete that?

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