Friday Live Service 27/11/2015

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Lweendo Mwenda (1451677800)
thank you Jesus for my life en my the blood of Jesus be upon my family now
en forever
Angele Missebukpo (1451517183)
god bless you prophet.amen amen
Clemencia Durant (1450632919)
Hallelujah we need the light" Fotizo" I need the miracle of Grand Finery to
cross me over 2016 in Jesus Name!!
Clemencia Durant (1450632156)
Major Prophet" Please don't pass me by" Do something"
Doris Kgwedi (1450434181)
i recieve in the name of jesus
Melani Kaliyadasa (1449889004)
God bless mejor one please up lod tha yesterday video thank you
Madalitso Chirwa (1449730632)
Nomthandazo Gxowa (1449687208)
since I started watching Prophet Bushir on YouTube my live has change in a
big way and I stated using the the lion on Juda. I can't explain
Noluthando Bokwana (1449526482)
am not leaving without receiving my miracle. Iyeeeeeh
Jasmine Nicoue (1449491461)
I receive Papy! Amen
Uchenna Frank (1449279754)
Some advise me, how can i watch prophetic channel live on the internet ?
any link ? please send to me
please and please
Kebedesh Redda (1449246450)
wonderfull preise the lord majer 1
Richboy Mbele (1449242852)
Major 1 i received the miracle everytime Do something to our life
Bhaliko Kufakwedu (1449176093)
prophecy Major1 iyeeeee Major Original your too much major1
Bhaliko Kufakwedu (1449176002)
Dalubuhle Ncube (1449172671)
Amen man of god
Tulsidai Beringuer (1449172309)
i recieve in Jesus name cause i am a sinner
Tulsidai Beringuer (1449170541)
in jesus name God bless u all, Papa Major n°1where is monday diplomatic
service 30/11/15 it is a very powerfull preaching, teaching and blessing,
please can some one please put the video thank u
Luckson Nyapadzauru (1449156914)
That was a powerful service, i was there the day. Came from Zimbabwe.
lilly smith (1449151549)
please can you tell me how I can come to see prophet bushiri I really what
to see him

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