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Chocolate Dipped Strawberries: Farmers' Market Gourmet #26
When the strawberries are in season, you can't go wrong dipping them in chocolate! But what about dipping them in almonds, coconut, etc...? They are gorgeous ...
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Chewy Ginger Cookies: Cookie Jar #21
Spicy, chewy and pure old-fashioned goodness! For the recipe go to: http://www.harwoodpodcast.com/thecookiejar/cookie-jar-21-chewy-ginger-cookies.html.
Просмотров: 21055 harwoodpodcast
Tiramisu Cupcakes: Cupcake Show #33
Yummy vanilla cake infused with espresso and topped with loads of mascarpone cream frosting... Now that is some cupcake! For the recipe go to: ...
Просмотров: 16159 harwoodpodcast
Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcakes: Cupcake Show #12
These delectable cupcakes can eaten right out of your hand, or dressed up to make a fancy dessert. Either way, make sure to have some whipped cream on ...
Просмотров: 17356 harwoodpodcast
Fresh Orange Muffins: Nothin' But Muffins #11
Quick and easy to put together with ingredients you probably have on hand, these orange muffins are light, delicious and great with breakfast (or a cup of tea!)
Просмотров: 19515 harwoodpodcast
Fresh Orange Cupcakes: Cupcake Show #6
Made from fresh orange juice and zest, these cupcakes are tender and buttery and the icing is pure orangey goodness! For the recipe go to: ...
Просмотров: 189068 harwoodpodcast
Baked Apples: Farmers' Market Gourmet #13
Filled with cinnamon, brown sugar, nuts and lemons, these baked apples turn a simple apple into a fabulous dessert!
Просмотров: 7541 harwoodpodcast
Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies: Cookie Jar #14
This tender cream cheese cookie is filled with fresh raspberry jam! For the recipe go to: ...
Просмотров: 33774 harwoodpodcast
Chocolate Fudge Cookies: Cookie Jar #16
Chewy, fudgy chocolate cookies...A chocolate lover's dream! For the recipe go to: ...
Просмотров: 19683 harwoodpodcast
Black-Bottom Cheesecake Cupcakes: Cupcake Show #31
Black-bottom pie is a blast from my past! A rich chocolate bottom layer and a delicious rum filling. I've taken that winning combo and turned it into a cheesecake.
Просмотров: 14174 harwoodpodcast
Fresh Pineapple Upside-Down Cupcakes: Cupcake Show #4
Use fresh pineapple to make these scrumptious little cakes! For the recipe go to: ...
Просмотров: 12344 harwoodpodcast
Strawberry Muffins: Nothin' But Muffins #17
When strawberries are in season, these are a great muffin to make! For the recipe, go to: ...
Просмотров: 20147 harwoodpodcast
Wine and Cheese Party: Easy Entertaining #4
A Wine & Cheese party is great for lots of occasions and it's really easy to put together.
Просмотров: 33068 harwoodpodcast
Sketchup #49: Intersecting
In this episode, Cameron demonstrates Intersecting objects in SketchUp with each other. This technique can make modeling even the most complex shapes ...
Просмотров: 20885 harwoodpodcast
Tiramisu Whoopie Pies: Cookie Jar #36
If you're a fan of the Whoopie Pie, you are going to love these! Espresso, chocolate, a cream center...definitely a cookie worthy of The Cookie Jar. For the recipe ...
Просмотров: 15329 harwoodpodcast
Let's Quilt #14: Holiday Placemats (Part 1)
In this episode, Helene introduces our next project: a set of Holiday Placemats. Great for entertaining, as well as gifts!
Просмотров: 30372 harwoodpodcast
Music Video -
This masterfully played instrumental guitar piece was written and performed by Vicki Genfan.
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Strawberry Cupcakes: Cupcake Show #34
Cindy uses fresh strawberries in the cake and the juice of the berries in the frosting to make these wonderfully delicious cupcakes! For the recipe go to: ...
Просмотров: 32623 harwoodpodcast
Coconut Snowball Cupcakes: Cupcake Show #14
These cupcakes are delicious AND beautiful! Full of real coconut and not too sweet... For the recipe go to: ...
Просмотров: 9218 harwoodpodcast
Savory Ham and Cheese Palmiers: Come For Tea #39
These quick little bites are great for your tea tray. Ham and cheese wrapped in puff pastry...delicious! For the recipe, go to: ...
Просмотров: 12616 harwoodpodcast
Sketchup #1: The Sketchup Interface
In this episode, Cameron demonstrates how to download and install Sketchup, and teaches you the basic interface.
Просмотров: 70755 harwoodpodcast
Brown Sugar Blondies: Cookie Jar #17
These chewy brown sugar & pecan bar cookies are a delicious departure from chocolate brownies. For the recipe go to: ...
Просмотров: 6028 harwoodpodcast
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