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"Quest of the Demoknight" was a classic 1987 title from from Mann Co. Games that captivated the world with it's unique gameplay, simple controls, and ...
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Team Service Announcement: Scout Combat
Many novice Scouts overestimate their class and get them selves killed very easily just for entering a fight the wrong way. Because the Scout has the lowest ...
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The Overhealer
In an effort to get you people to shut up about him being useless in MvM, the Medic teams up with the Engineer to create a medigun like no other. Using ghost ...
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Team Service Announcement:
This week's Team Service Announcement covers a community issue, instead of gameplay. There are certain servers that force players to watch a twenty second ...
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Heavy Heights
When your life is on the skids, and there is no hope, all you gotta do is trust in ya' boy, Tyrone. He will guide yo' ass down the righteous path, and blast your core.
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Team Service Announcement: Demoknights and Battle-Medics
Demoknights are Demomen that use a shield and melee weapon instead of a stickybomb launcher. They are useful some, but not all situations. They are ...
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The Checkup
After his liver tried to cut him open from the inside and escape while he was sleeping for the third night in a row, Tavish DeGroot decided it would probably be a ...
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The Love & War Update, and You
A video on the hype around bread and bread related goings-on in Team Fortress, uploaded later than desired as usual. These are the kind of high-quality ...
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Team Service Announcement: Over-Extending and Over-Committing
Over-Extending is when a player goes too far into enemy territory without a safe way out of danger. Over-Committing is when a player devotes too much of their ...
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I have watched maybe three episodes of the Cartoon Horse Program, therefore making me the most qualified person to bring you this insightful documentary on ...
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Team Service Announcement: Objectives
You can easily lose an Attack/ Defend match by ignoring the map's objective in favor of getting kills or spawn camping. On Defense, spawn camping can put your ...
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Scream Funtress
I decided to animate some of my favorite lines from this year's Halloween event. The pink pixelation around the Medic's glasses is an issue with models with ...
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Last Time on Team Fortress 2: Reloaded [Saxxy Awards 2012]
The greatest retelling of a retelling of events that never happened on a show that doesn't exist. Music: Earthsea Borealis - Toby "Radiation" Fox Posters: ...
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All That Glitters
Maybe if he realized that lunch boxes aren't toasters.... A request from a friend of mine. Don't think that means you can ask for me to make you whatever stupid ...
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One Step Ahead [Saxxy Awards 2012]
Two unlikely partners join forces to take on a common foe. Little do they know, they face the most cunning member of the Eternal Fraternal of Spies. Music used ...
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Team Service Announcement:
The optimal time to activate an ÜberCharge is right before coming within range of a sentry nest, or entering an area heavily occupied by enemies. However ...
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Santamen 2: In Da' Hood
Just when your ass thought it was safe to believe you had escaped their wrath, the Santamen emerge from their burrow a day late in a triumphant rampage on ...
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Brooding-Ninja-Highschool-Parkour-Scout 238 3/3 [ENG SUB]
Brooding-Ninja-Highschool-Parkour-Scout Episode 238: Battle of Corrupted Fists!: Demon Hand vs. Crispy Fist Brooding-Ninja-Highschool-Parkour-Scout ...
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Team Service Announcement: Spy Checking
Spy checking is simply sweeping an area with a weapon to find cloaked Spies, or attacking a suspicious friendly player to see if they're a Spy in disguise. (There ...
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Team Service Announcement: The Kritzkrieg
http://krunkidile.tumblr.com/post/73046426248/about-team-stupid-whatevers ______ The Kritzkrieg is a very powerful Medigun with it's 25% faster Ubercharge ...
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Last Time on Team Fortress 2 [SFM]
It's not very touching at all. What a crock. Watch the new, Reloaded, Special Edition, Director's Cut, Digitally Remastered, Returned to Theaters, 20th Anniversary ...
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On Wings of Mercy
I spent way too much time on this one. I promise I'll do better next time. ______ Watch these: On Wings of Vengeance ...
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